LEI code prices

At Global FinReg A/S you can create, renew or move LEI codes at competitive prices. You can purchase LEI codes at a cheaper price, save time, and by choosing longer expiration periods, you avoid having to renew your LEI every year. We offer the fastest and most reliable service on the market with all parts of our LEI system completely automated and customer service available every weekday.

Get a new LEI code Renew an existing LEI code Transfer LEI code
1 Year DKK 575 DKK 535

Free transfer includes:

  • Data validation with GLEIF to ensure accuracy
  • Transfer of existing validity period
3 Year DKK 489 DKK 489
5 Year DKK 460 DKK 460
  • Get a new LEI code

    • 1 Year DKK 575
    • 3 Year
      DKK 489 pr. year (Total 1467, -)
    • 5 Year
      DKK pr. year (Total 2300, -)
  • Renew an existing LEI code

    • 1 Year DKK 535
    • 3 Year
      DKK 489 pr. year (Total 1467, -)
    • 5 Year
      DKK 460 pr. year (Total 2300, -)
  • Transfer LEI code

    Free transfer includes:

    • Data validation with GLEIF to ensure accuracy
    • Transfer of existing validity period

Prices are shown without VAT

LEI code prices from Denmark's leading LEI provider

Our cheapest LEI code is 460 DKK / year + VAT, for a 5-year period. This includes the GLEIF fee and unlimited data maintenance throughout the entire period. Data maintenance means that we will update your company data and renew your code as it approaches expiration.

A full overview of our LEI prices is available above. Choose the time period that best suits you and your business needs.

LEI Code Price in Denmark

LEI code prices include data maintenance and customer service

When you choose Global FinReg as your LEI provider, you get more than just an LEI. You also get help from our multilingual customer service, available every weekday. Our LEI system automatically receives updates from multiple corporate registries, so that you don’t have to update your company information yourself.

Renew LEI Price

Renewal of your LEI code

Once you have an existing LEI code, you can choose from different renewal periods to ensure your LEI code gets renewed. You can choose between a 1, 3, or 5-year period subscription, during which time we make sure to update your company data. You will receive an email when the expiration date of your subscription is approaching to ensure that your LEI code does not lapse. You can also set up your account for automatic renewal. Your LEI code will then be renewed once a year, and the amount will be automatically deducted from the card information you provided when registering. You can choose this when registering your business, or in your My Page , if you already have an LEI.

It is free to move your LEI code to us.

Express LEI service and professional customer service

Need an LEI code fast? At Global FinReg, we offer Denmark's fastest LEI service, without compromising on reliability or accuracy. With our Express LEI Service, we issue your code within 0-24 hours. In addition, we handle all the complexities to provide you with a simple and smooth process. You can be sure to receive your LEI code the same day if you order before 3PM on weekdays. It's easy, safe, and fast.

Express LEI Service
Administrator Multiple LEI

Administer multiple LEI numbers

Do you manage a large number of LEIs? Our LEI Manager service makes it easy. We offer flexible pricing and bulk-requests for existing LEI numbers that need to be transferred to Global Finreg’s platform - free of charge. Please contact customer services to hear more about our services, or if you wish to enter into a partnership with us.

If you have any questions about how to get your LEI code, the different LEI code prices, or how to register your company, please feel free to contact customer services. You can read more about LEI codes via our Frequently Asked Questions or get more information about the legislation of LEI codes at FSA .