What constitutes a good LEI provider?

We believe that our role as an LEI provider is to make life easier for you. As a minimum, we would like to save you time and worry, but we can offer you much more than that. Read more in this article.

Expect more from your LEI provider

Recently, we have had a lot of conversations with hedge funds, banks and asset managers. They have all had major frustrations with their LOU due to poor communications and nonexistent customer service. You should expect more from your LEI provider.

Who needs an LEI code?

If your company trades in securities, you need to have an LEI code. Read this article to learn why - and how to get an LEI code.

The global LEI system

The LEI system is the global standard when it comes to the identification of legal entities and their financial transactions.

LEI codes and KYC (Know Your Customer)

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) has conducted a survey of 102 senior salespeople working within the banking sector to find out what challenges they face in relation to identifying legal entities and onboarding new customers.

What is an LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)

What is an LEI number?

A Legal Entity Identifier is known as an LEI number or LEI code. It is an alpha-numeric code, which makes it possible to uniquely identify legal entities.