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The importance of high data quality in LEI codes

Globalization and digitalization have increased collaboration and trading in the financial markets. The establishment of the global LEI code system after the 2008 financial crisis and the introduction of the LEI code (Legal Entity Identifier) played a key role in this.

An LEI code can uniquely identify any global legal entity engaging in financial transactions. It helps companies assess and reduce their risks while optimizing their operations.

Authorities can also use LEI codes to monitor the financial markets. The use of LEI codes has become standard practice and an integral part of the world of finance.

High data quality in LEI codes at Global FinReg

We ensure that your LEI codes always contain accurate information by collecting and validating company data at the following two levels:

  • Level 1 data - concerns the legal entity
  • Level 2 data - concerns ownership and structure

Our data is obtained through APIs connected to relevant business registers in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, India, and Australia.

This data is sent to GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation), which maintains a searchable database for all LEI codes worldwide. Also, we continuously update your company data if changes occur, while other providers only update data during the LEI code renewal once a year.

We handle LEI codes for all types of investment management companies, including Investment Funds (UCITS) and Alternative Investment Funds (AIF). Furthermore, we collaborate with some of the world's largest investment management companies, ensuring that their fund structures are correctly set up and linked in GLEIF. This way, they don’t experience trading disruptions or run the risk of sanctions from local authorities.

First-class customer service

When you are a customer at Global FinReg, you save time and trouble by not having to worry about your LEI codes. We make sure that your company data is regularly updated, and you can rest assured that you’re always compliant with current regulations.

Please contact us to hear how we can assist you and your company. We offer a free review of your company data, easy transfer of your LEI code to our platform, first-class customer service, and competitive pricing for LEI code renewals.

Lastly, we recommend displaying your LEI code on your website and linking to your information with us. This way, everyone can see for themselves that you have a valid LEI code. You can find the link and image of your LEI code here.

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