What constitutes a good LEI provider?

We believe that our role as an LEI provider is to make life easier for you. As a minimum, we would like to save you time and worry, but we can offer you much more than that. Read more in this article.

It is not enough that an LEI code provider can register and renew an LEI code. Anyone can do that. We believe that a good LEI provider should be a trusted part of your team and make a positive difference. You can read more about that in this article.

We are part of your team

As a business owner, you are juggling a lot of balls all the time. You don't just work from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.: you work in the evenings and during weekends and holidays. We know all about it because we are also business owners here at Global FinReg.

For us, the most important prerequisite for success is having the right team: skilled and dedicated employees who excel in their field, work independently, and flag it if they have any questions.

As an LEI code provider, we would like to be part of your team. You can safely entrust your LEI codes to us and know that we ensure the following: 1) your LEI code is always valid, and 2) you comply with all regulatory demands. Additionally, we ensure that your company data is continuously updated, so you don’t have to spend time on it yourself. As a customer with us, you save both time and trouble. In our opinion, this is what a good team should do for you.

Good customer service is direct contact

Situations may arise where you need to talk to us. You can call us and get help right away. It sounds basic, but we know from our customers that this is far from the case with other LEI providers. It is simply not possible to get through to them on the phone.

One of our customers even experienced getting an answering machine saying that the number called didn’t exist. That’s obviously not a reassuring message to get, and the LEI code owner subsequently chose to move his LEI code to us.

Differing customer needs

We work with both small and large companies. We offer the same quality customer service, regardless of whether you have one or hundreds of LEI codes with us. As an international company with LEI codes across multiple geographies and jurisdictions, it can be a major advantage to collect all your LEI codes with the same LEI provider. It can be difficult to keep track of LEI code renewals, if you have eight different providers all over the world.

Most companies know that data quality is very important. But they don't know that their LEI provider is not necessarily qualified to set up a fund structure correctly. For example, has the provider entered your fund's management unit, your master feeder and umbrella structure? If not, you may unwittingly be breaking the law.

As a large international company, it is also a good idea to choose an LEI provider that is open to specific wishes and requests from its customers. Are you missing a function on the LEI platform that will make life easier for your employees? We have many partners who ask us to make small changes, and because we continuously invest in our technical infrastructure, we can usually accommodate their requests.

Read more about what a good LEI code provider should offer its customers here.

We take care of you and your LEI codes

Whether you have a single LEI code or manage hundreds of LEI codes, our platform is tailored to improve your customer experience in a simple, fast and reliable way. This is because we have automated our procedures and thereby streamlined our time management. This allows us to be available to you and take action when necessary. We believe that this makes for a healthy and fruitful relationship with our customers.

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Customer Service

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