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When you need your LEI code now, our Express LEI Service is the obvious choice. We prioritize processing your LEI code application and handle all the practicalities, so you can get your LEI code already today. It is fast, easy, and safe for you, and it also guarantees you the market's fastest LEI service.

This is how an express application for an LEI code works

To use our Express LEI Service, you must make a request via this form. In the form, you must enter your full name, telephone number, e-mail, country, company name, and CVR number. If you do not have a CVR number, you can omit to fill in this field. You must be aware that if you do not have a CVR number, the legal entity must be validated with, e.g., a founding document, articles of association, or other official documentation. If you need our help, you are always welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Your LEI code request will be processed by one of our specialists, who will contact you via e-mail or telephone. In doing so, we create the best starting point to help you with your application for an LEI code. Once we have the formalities in place, we will ensure that your application for an LEI code is carried out correctly, and at the same time ensure that it is registered as soon as possible.

We promise to deliver your LEI code within 24 hours, but in most cases, you will receive an LEI code within 1 hour.

Good reasons to choose Express LEI Service

There may be several reasons why you choose to use our Express LEI Service. You may choose to use our Express LEI Service because you want to ensure that the registration of your LEI code is done correctly from the start. By using our express service, you know that your data will be error-free and that you avoid unnecessary delays.

Benefits include:

  • Speedy and fully assisted application for an LEI code

  • Extended personal service

  • Worry-free process

  • English-speaking customer services team

When is my LEI code valid?

Your LEI code is valid the moment it is issued and can be used immediately. However, there are some banks that require them to be able to look up the LEI code in their internal systems. These systems are connected to the global database, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).

When can I see my LEI code in the Global LEI Register GLEIF?

The global database, GLEIF, is updated every day at 15:00 CET with yesterday's LEI codes. The update applies to both new LEI codes and the renewal of existing LEI codes. This means that you, and the bank, can see the LEI code the day after it has been issued. This can be a challenge in some cases, as a few banks require their system to be able to read the LEI code through GLEIF's database. However, the LEI code is valid from the moment it is issued, which will also be evident from the time of registration in GLEIF. If you would like to know what your registration looks like, you can access GLEIF's LEI Register here.

How much does it cost to use the Express LEI Service?

We offer validity periods of 1, 3, and 5 years for all LEI codes - and this also applies to the LEI codes ordered via Express LEI Service. You can therefore choose whether your LEI code should be valid for 1, 3, or 5 years. The price for the LEI code is the same, but you pay a one-time sum of DKK 425 incl. VAT to get the application prioritized. This means that the price structure is as follows:

Express LEI Service price:

  • ​1-year validity incl. data maintenance - DKK 1,000 + VAT = DKK 1,250

  • 3-year validity incl. data maintenance - DKK 1,892 + VAT = DKK 2,365

  • 5-year validity incl. data maintenance - DKK 2,724 + VAT = DKK 3,405

    If you have any questions regarding our Express LEI Service, you can contact us here. If you are ready to order your LEI code with our priority service, you can do so by using the link below.

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