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Get answers to all your questions about renewing your LEI code

Do you need to renew your LEI code?

At Global FinReg, you can easily renew your LEI code if it is close to expiring. An LEI code must be renewed once a year, according to the Global Legal Entity Identifier (GLEIF). This helps ensure that your business information is up to date. If you don't want to renew your LEI code every year, you can choose a longer validity period. You can read about the different periods below, as well as LEI code renewal prices. When you order an LEI code from Global FinReg, we make sure that your LEI code is active with GLEIF and that your information is correct, updated, and validated. Your LEI code is always renewed from the expiry date, even if you order it before the expiry.

How to renew your LEI code

You renew your LEI code through four simple steps:

  • Go to “My Page
  • Press “Renew Now”
  • Select your desired validity period
  • Pay by card, MobilePay, or bank transfer

You will receive an order confirmation via email. If there are less than 58 days left before the expiry of your LEI code, you will receive a receipt for the renewal at the same time. Your new expiry date appears here. If there are more than 58 days left, we will renew your LEI code when there are 58 days left, after which time you will receive your receipt.

Different validity periods and prices for LEI code renewal

We offer three different validity periods. If you regularly trade in securities, you can choose a longer validity period to ensure that the code is active throughout the validity period. You also get your LEI code at a lower price when you choose a longer period.

When you renew your LEI code, you can choose between the following periods, all of which include ongoing maintenance of your data and GLEIF fees:

  • 1 year validity: 70 EUR + VAT = 87.50 EUR
  • 3-year validity: 196.50 EUR + VAT = 245.63 EUR
  • 5-year validity: 307.50 EUR + VAT = 384.38 EUR

Global FinReg is responsible for maintaining your data when you renew your LEI code. This means that we are responsible for updating any changes in your company's information or ownership structure. This happens via an automatic process via your country's business register, and this process ensures that your data is always correct.

Automatic renewal of LEI code

Automatic renewal is an offer that makes your LEI code remain active on an ongoing basis. You can sign up for automatic LEI renewal in three quick steps:

  • Go to "My Page"
  • Tap “Auto Renew” under your company name
  • Pay by card

After this, your LEI code is renewed once a year, approx. 30 days before expiry. We deduct the money from your card when your LEI code is renewed. This way, you can rest assured that you always have an active LEI code. You will receive a confirmation email and a receipt when your LEI code is renewed.

If the payment fails for some reason, or if you have been given a new card, you will receive a reminder by email with further information.

Can I renew my LEI code with Global FinReg if my LEI is registered with another provider?

You can easily renew your LEI code, even if you have registered your LEI code with another provider. This applies regardless of whether your LEI code is registered with a Danish provider or a foreign provider. If you want to transfer your LEI code to us, you can click here.

We are often asked if you can renew your LEI code when you move it, and if you can keep your current validity period if you move an active LEI code. The answer to both questions is YES. We will renew your LEI code if it has expired and we will take over the current validity period if it is active. If you would like to know more about what it means to move an LEI code, you can read about it here.

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