Order and renew LEI codes in bulk

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What does it mean to handle LEI codes in bulk?

If you have more than five companies that either have LEI codes or need new LEI codes, you can order them as a bulk request. When requesting a bulk order, you are placing an order where we can handle your requests at once.

It is also possible for you to renew your LEI in bulk. This makes it more manageable for you as a customer and cuts down on the administrative workload. At the same time, you can obtain competitive LEI prices by collecting your LEI codes with Global FinReg.

Advantages of bulk requests:

  • Create, transfer and renew LEIs in bulk
  • Streamlined dashboard
  • Hassle-free process
  • Permanent contact person
  • Bulk invoice
  • Competitive prices

Create new LEIs in bulk

If you need to create several new LEI codes for your company, we can help you with the application process so that you save time. It can be time-consuming to have to create many LEI codes at once, as each entity must go through the same application process. We can make this process easier for you by creating the applications for you and subsequently collecting them in a bulk invoice.

Create bulk LEI renewals

If you have several LEI codes collected on our platform, you can handle all your LEI codes as bulk requests via your Dashboard. This means that you can renew your LEI codes in bulk with a single click.

By using our bulk LEI renewal service, you collect all your current LEI codes in one order and one invoice. It only takes a moment to renew your LEI codes in bulk. You mark them on your LEI code dashboard and choose which validity period they should have. After this, our system will update your expiry dates and combine your renewals on a single invoice.

Transfer LEI codes in bulk

If you have your LEI codes currently registered with one or more providers, and you want to collect them on our platform in order to use bulk LEI renewal, we can make a bulk request to move your LEI codes to our platform. You will then be able to handle your LEI codes from our platform, and e.g., renew your LEI codes in bulk.

Contact us to find out how we can help you and your company collect your LEI codes on our platform.

Who can manage their LEI codes in bulk?

All of our clients can order and renew LEI codes in bulk. It is typically clients with more than 10 LEI codes that use this service, but anyone with more than five LEIs can create, move and renew their LEIs in bulk.

It is often companies such as asset managers, investment and capital funds, auditing firms, and law firms that make use of bulk requests, as they typically manage many LEI codes and want to streamline the process. But there are also other types of companies that handle many LEI codes and want to collect them in one place.

You are always welcome to contact us to find out how we may help you and your company.

Can I combine different orders in one bulk request?

You cannot order new LEI codes and renew existing LEI codes in a single bulk request, as these are two different order processes that are handled independently of each other.

However, you can collect all of your orders on one combined invoice, and this gives the experience of having handled several order types in bulk.

It is also possible to move multiple LEI codes to our platform and renew them in bulk at the same time, and we will be happy to do this for you.

May we help you?

If you want to learn more about how we can help you streamline the management of your LEI codes, you can contact us here.

We are happy to answer all of your questions about creating bulk requests - whether you want to create new LEI codes in bulk, or whether you want to collect all your existing LEI codes in one place and renew them in bulk.

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