Ordering an LEI code

Buy your LEI code here - and why you need to have an LEI code

Global FinReg has made it easy and safe for you to order and maintain an LEI code by automating the entire process. Your company information is obtained directly from your country's company register, and all you have to do is fill in your company name and your personal information. If your company is owned by other companies, there may be a couple of follow-up questions about the ownership structure. This is done to ensure that we have the correct company data.

Create your LEI code in four simple steps:

  • Create a user at Global FinReg
  • Enter your company name or CVR number
  • Complete a limited power of attorney
  • Pay by card, Mobile Pay or bank transfer

You will receive a confirmation of your LEI code purchase as soon as we have received your order. It usually takes 0-2 business days from your order is placed to the issuance of your LEI code. You will receive an email as soon as the LEI code is ready.

Order an LEI code for a company without a business number

You can also buy LEI codes for companies without a business number. The application process is the same, except that you must fill in the company's name, address, and registration date yourself. You must then upload a document that verifies the company's name and current address.

Examples of approved documents:

  • Statutes
  • An auditor-approved account
  • Personal tax return, on which it states that company tax is paid on the business part
  • Account statements and other documents from the bank
  • Letters from public authorities
  • Foundation documents

Please remember that the company name and current address must appear on the document.

Once you have ordered your LEI code, it will take 0-2 business days for you to receive it. You will receive an email as soon as it is ready.

Different validity periods or automatic renewal of your LEI code

You can choose between three different validity periods at Global FinReg. Alternatively, you can choose automatic renewal: this means that we will renew your code once a year and deduct the amount from your card. This way, you can rest assured that you always have an active LEI code, without you having to do anything. Should the payment fail for some reason, we will send you an email.

Validity periods:

  • 1 year
  • 3 years
  • 5 years

Global FinReg ensures the maintenance of your company data during the entire period on the basis of your country's company register. In addition, we will renew your LEI code once a year and remind you when it is time to renew again.

Payment methods

You can pay for your LEI code by card, MobilePay, or via a bank transfer. If you wish to receive an invoice, you can contact our customer services team by phone or email and inform us of your desired validity period.

Order an LEI code securely and quickly

We consider security to be our number one priority. The LEI system exists primarily to create transparency and stability in the financial markets. This is why it is essential that your company information is correctly entered. Our employees have in-depth knowledge of company structures, and we have built a technically advanced platform that automates data handling. This means that you can trust your information to be correct when you order an LEI code from Global FinReg.

Why buy an LEI code?

The legislation behind LEI codes was effective as of 3 January 2018. It was prompted by a recommendation from the G20 countries in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008. As a business owner, you may find it cumbersome and unnecessary to buy an LEI code for your company. However, the system exists to ensure transparency and stability in the financial markets, because an LEI code makes it possible to uniquely identify companies and other legal entities, such as associations, foundations and endowments. Purchasing an LEI code is a legal requirement for all companies dealing in securities. Read more about the LEI system here.

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