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Our search function is user-friendly and lets you search for all LEI codes and view their data.

LEI codes (Legal Entity Identifiers) are unique identification numbers used to identify legal entities and companies worldwide. The purpose of the LEI code is to ensure transparency and minimize risks related to financial transactions and reporting. In this article, we will introduce you to an innovative search engine that makes it easy to look up LEI codes and access important information about companies.

Search for LEI codes

Our search function is user-friendly and lets you search for all available LEI codes and view the associated data. This means that you can see which of your company's information is publicly available, as well as look up companies and get the insight you need. This feature is especially useful for verifying new or potential business partners and customers because you can make sure they are who they say they are.

The most important thing about LEI codes is 1) their validity and 2) the information registered. By using the search function, you can see the status and validity period of any LEI code in the search results. If your LEI code has expired, or if it is close to expiring, you can easily renew it directly from its LEI page - even if you have forgotten where you previously registered your LEI code. This saves you time and trouble and ensures that your company always has a valid LEI code that meets the legal requirements.

Link directly to your LEI code

You can link directly to your LEI code by copying the URL to your LEI page. This is a smart way to show other people that your company has a valid and up-to-date LEI code. By linking to your LEI code, it is easy for others to verify your company's identity and find the relevant information.

To ensure that the information on your LEI code is valid and up-to-date, all the data is pulled from the GLEIF database and local business registers. This ensures that you always have the most accurate snapshot of the companies you are searching for and that you can rely on the information in our search engine to be correct.

Check your LEI code data

The information registered about your company has to be correct. You can contact us free of charge and without obligation, so we may review your information. If some of the information registered is wrong, or if your LEI code needs to be renewed, we can help you right away.

Our search engine allows you to do multiple things, including the following:

  • Search for LEI codes and access important information about companies anywhere in the world
  • View publicly available company information
  • Renew expired LEI codes
  • Link to your LEI code
  • Keep all your LEI information in one place.

When you use the search engine, you may rest assured that the information you see is correct.

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