Why choose Global FinReg?

We are one of the leading LEI providers in the world, and we offer the best platform for handling Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI codes), including automatic updating of your company data through local business registries and MitID integration.

We have been in business since 2017, and we are endorsed by all the biggest banks and asset managers in Denmark. They know that data security is our number one priority, and that we will never compromise client information. Our ambition is simple: we want to be the world's best LEI provider.

Advantages include:

  • Fast, easy and secure LEI creation
  • English customer support
  • Automatic renewal of your LEI code
  • Automatic updating of your company data through corporate registries

Our LEI Services

We offer the following services, depending on whether you want to apply for a new LEI code, renew an existing LEI code, or move an LEI code to our platform. If you don't know which option to choose, you may contact our customer service.

If you do not have an LEI code, select this option to request a new LEI code for your entity.

Do you already have an LEI? Choose this option to renew an existing LEI now

We handle the relocation of your LEI code from another provider for free!

In a hurry? We will handle the registration for you and deliver your LEI within 1 business day*

About Global FinReg

We are one of the leading Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) providers in the world and administer LEI codes for more than 19,000 entities. We offer attractive solutions with competitive pricing, easy signup and renewal of your LEI code, English and Danish-speaking customer service, and ongoing maintenance of your company data.

It is a legal requirement for all companies to have an LEI code, if they trade in securities or derivatives. Global FinReg was founded in 2017 because there were no Danish alternatives to the foreign LEI providers. Our mission as a company is to make it easier and safer for our customers to acquire and maintain an LEI code.

We are recommended by all the biggest banks and asset managers in Denmark. They know that data security is our number one priority, and that we treasure our customer relationships.

Our team are experts in financial reporting and company data, and we provide validation of all companies, as well as maintenance and renewal of existing LEI codes. This means you don't have to worry about the validity of your LEI code or whether your data is correct. We will take care of it for you and let you know when it's time to renew your LEI code.

If you want to know more about Global FinReg, please feel free to explore our website, read our FAQ or contact our customer services team on +45 77 34 17 19.

What is an LEI code?

What is an Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)?

A LEI number, also called an LEI code, is an abbreviation for the term Legal Entity Identifier.

An LEI code is a standardized code of 20 characters consisting of both digits and letters, which makes it possible to uniquely identify companies and other legal entities (such as associations, foundations and endowments) to ensure transparency and stability in the global financial markets.

Who should get a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)?

All types of companies, whether privately or publicly owned, must have an LEI code if they wish to sell or buy securities. The legislation entered into force on 3 January 2018 and was prompted by a proposal from the G20 countries in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008.

You can read more about the background of the LEI system here .

Order a new LEI code, renew your LEI code or move your LEI code

With us, you can buy a new LEI code if this is the first time you need one. It takes less than 2 minutes to create an LEI code, and you will receive your LEI code within 0-2 business days.

You can also renew your LEI code if you already have one. You can extend your validity period by 1, 3 or 5 years. Your LEI code becomes cheaper if you extend to a 5-year validity period. You can read more about renewing your LEI code here .

If you want to transfer your LEI code to Global FinReg from another LEI provider, you can do it easily, quickly, and securely here . We can do it for you if you contact our customer service . Moving your LEI code to us is free of charge.

Why you should buy your LEI code from us

Global FinReg is a Danish company which was founded in 2017. Today we manage more than 19,000 LEI codes and we are recommended by all the leading banks and asset managers in Denmark. They know that security is our number one priority and that we would never think of reselling customer information.

We also offer the best platform for handling LEI codes. Among other things, this means that we automatically update your company data through the various corporate registires, and you do not need to contact us if there are changes in your company.

At Global FinReg, you can pay for a validity period of up to 5 years and get several benefits at once: you don't have to renew your LEI code yourself every year, and you get your LEI code at a cheaper price than if you renew it every year.

If you have any questions about the above, you are always welcome to contact our Danish-speaking customer service by phone or email. You can also click here to see the most frequently asked questions .

Why the cheapest LEI code is not the best

We understand why it is tempting to go for the cheapest LEI code you can find. But there are several reasons why it is not a good idea to buy the cheapest LEI code: some providers offer cheap LEI codes to attract new customers, and then increase the price sharply. It may even be that they sell your LEI code on to another LEI provider.

It is therefore important that you ensure that you do not pay for a longer validity period with a cheap LEI provider that later dissolves or goes bankrupt, and that your LEI provider does not resell your information to a third party.

Last but not least, you must also ensure that your LEI provider is GLEIF accredited, and that the price includes all GLEIF fees and charges.

The difference between an LEI code and a LEI number

There is no difference between a LEI code and an LEI number. LEI code is the official term, but many providers use both the term LEI code and LEI number, and so do we at Global FinReg. Regardless of which term you choose to use, LEI code and LEI number are exactly the same.

What can we use the LEI system for?

The LEI system can be used to help to track money laundering among many other things.

By now, it is well known how the LEI system started. It was created following a request from the G20 countries to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008. The LEI system was adopted to ensure transparency and stability in the financial markets by answering the following three questions:

  • Who is who?
  • Who owns who?
  • Who owns what?

Today, it is a legal requirement for all companies dealing in securities to have an LEI code. You can read more about LEI codes in our FAQ .

An LEI code contains useful information

An LEI code contains two types of information which collectively answer the above mentioned three questions. We refer to this information as 'Level 1 information' and 'Level 2 information.'

Level 1 information is often referred to as reference data, which includes the official company name and registered address, and answers the question, 'who is who.' Level 2 information is about the company's ownership and ownership structure, i.e. 'who owns who.' You can read more in our article about data quality .

An LEI code makes it possible to uniquely identify legal entities that carry out financial transactions. This means that the LEI system plays a pivotal role in risk and fraud management in the financial markets by providing a transparent, global system that can verify all financial transactions.

The LEI system is used in the fight against money laundering

Not everyone knows this, but the ownership structure of all companies that have an LEI code can be found in the Global LEI Index at GLEIF . It is an open system that anyone can use to search for a company. The system creates transparency and helps financial institutions to act according to anti-money laundering law , as it is easy to find information about the company's structure and its beneficial owners.

Financial companies, lawyers, accountants, landlords, etc., are all subject to the law on anti-money laundering and have an obligation to report suspicious activities or transactions. Part of that responsibility is being able to identify the actual owners of a company.

LEI codes have become an important part of the process that financial institutions use to obtain and evaluate relevant information about their customers and potential customers. The process is called customer due diligence (CDD).

Customer due diligence is a big part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) standards, and it is an important part of anti-money laundering. This is where information is obtained about the customer's identity, the types of activities the customer is involved in, as well as the customer's risk profile. You can read more about anti-money laundering in our article here .

If you want to hear more about how the LEI system can help with anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC), please listen to the interview with Global FinReg's CEO, David Silverman, in this podcast from “The Laundry” ( Spotify - You Tube - Apple Podcast ) . He also talks about the significance of the LEI system when it comes to M&A and risk assessment and shares his memories from his time in New York during the financial crisis in 2008.


In several countries, Global FinReg is directly connected to the local company register via an API, which means that we automatically retrieve the official data into our database and avoid manual data errors. In Denmark, the UK, Norway, Estonia and Sweden, we automatically collect your information from the various business authorities. This means that as a customer, you are guaranteed an error-free application and experience no disruptions in relation to the activities that require a valid LEI code.

If you have a business, you must be able to present an LEI code to your bank or brokerage if you wish to trade in securities. Banks such as Nordea, Danske Bank and Nordnet are subject to legal requirements where they must be able to report an LEI code for all their business customers. Failure to do so may delay their internal reporting processes and result in a fine or suspension of your trading.

A Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code must be renewed once a year, according to GLEIF . This is primarily to ensure that your business information is up to date. It's easy to renew your LEI code on globalfinreg.com: 1) go to 'My Page', 2) click 'Renew Now', 3) select your desired validity period (1, 3, or 5 years), and 4) pay by card, MobilePay or bank transfer.

When you renew your LEI code, you can choose between three validity periods, all of which include ongoing maintenance of your data and GLEIF fees:

  • 1 year DKK 535
  • 3 year DKK 489 Cost / Year - (1467 Total Price)
  • 5 year DKK 460 Cost / Year - (2300 Total Price)

The longer your validity period, the cheaper your LEI code and the less work for you as you won't have to renew it every year.

If you don't want to renew your Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) every year, you can choose automatic renewal, which ensures that your LEI code is always active. You can sign up for automatic renewal of your LEI code through three quick steps:

  • Go to "Dashboard"
  • Click “Auto Renew” under your company name
  • Pay by card

Moving your Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code to our platform is easy. You just need to fill in a short form with your LEI code or your company name and your phone number. Our system automatically receives the registered data from GLEIF via your LEI code, and if there are errors, we correct them. You can access the form and move your LEI code to us by using this link .

If you transfer your LEI code to Global FinReg , we will take care of all the practical work for you. This means that we update and maintain your data, renew your LEI code on time, and notify you if there are legal changes regarding your LEI code. You never need to worry about whether your LEI code is valid and active.

Yes. If you have more than five companies for which you want to register new LEI codes, move or renew, we do it in bulk. This means that we process all your applications at once and that you can have one combined invoice. You can also access our partnership platform. Our partnership platform enables you to easily manage all your LEI codes, as well as find previous invoices.

You are welcome to contact us if you want to hear more about our bulk service.


What constitutes a good LEI provider?

We believe that our role as an LEI provider is to make life easier for you. As a minimum, we would like to save you time and worry, but we can offer you much more than that. Read more in this article.

Expect more from your LEI provider

Recently, we have had a lot of conversations with hedge funds, banks and asset managers. They have all had major frustrations with their LOU due to poor communications and nonexistent customer service. You should expect more from your LEI provider.

Who needs an LEI code?

If your company trades in securities, you need to have an LEI code. Read this article to learn why - and how to get an LEI code.

The global LEI system

The LEI system is the global standard when it comes to the identification of legal entities and their financial transactions.

LEI codes and KYC (Know Your Customer)

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) has conducted a survey of 102 senior salespeople working within the banking sector to find out what challenges they face in relation to identifying legal entities and onboarding new customers.

What is an LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)

What is an LEI number?

A Legal Entity Identifier is known as an LEI number or LEI code. It is an alpha-numeric code, which makes it possible to uniquely identify legal entities.